Generate Mobiloud icon & splash assets

Select 2 or 3 source files and get a ZIP with all you need!

Default icon

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Select a 1024x1024 PNG with no rounded corners or transparency.

Transparent icon

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For Android you can select an alternative 512x512 PNG icon.


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Splash screens come in all sorts of sizes and because they're not squarish, we need to crop. For this to work, you should select a 2208x2208 PNG where the logo or other important artwork is placed within the center 1000x1000 pixels or so.

Border radius

Specify a percentage between 0 and 50 for a border radius to apply to the default icon for Android. DO NOT add a radius if the Android icon you've uploaded already has rounded corners.


Applies an increasing level for OptiPNG compression resulting in 10% to 30% reduction on all PNG's and set a compression quality percentage ranging from 80% to 50% on JPEG's.